Luigi Muoio


He graduated with honors in agricultural science in Naples in 1986 and, after a brilliant career that drives him, for four years, in France for a PhD about Chemistry and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products at Centro di Ricerca sugli Aromi, of the Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca Agronomica of Dijon, he becomes Full Professor of Winemaking at Food Science Department of University of Naples.

Directed by his father Michele towards winemaking studies, so as it doesn’t miss a wine expert in his company (one of the most historic farmlands famous for Falerno production), he “rediscovers” wine thanks to French researcher colleagues with which “it was beautiful to lose ourselves in pleasant conversations, in-depth analysis and discussions”. 

The French experience forges him and the certainty of the great wine is born in him, as a result of the big job in vineyard and of human respect of the starting grapes.

Having a multifaceted nature as each big “artist” (he is a good painter and a good guitarist), he is author and co-author of about 200 scientific publications in chemistry and food science sectors. Since 1991 he carries out researches about food aroma, based on application of joined methodology of sensorial and instrumental analysis.

He focused on the study of wine smelling elements and wine technologies shoot for preserving and amplifying variety aroma.

Without doubts he is considered one of the most Italian experts in wine sector, his studies and their applications have contributed in a critical way at the rediscovery and the development of innumerable native vines of South Italy. He is president of expert’s group of wine technology of the OIV (Organisation International de la Vigne et  du Vin) of Paris and he is an ordinary member of Accademia italiana della Vite e del Vino.    

In 1998, a collaboration was set between him and Gerardo, to combine the knowledges and the wine studies of both.

Talking about collaboration seems, however, to be reducing. The truth is that, over the time, the personal affinity made up of passions, innate curiosity, desire of knowledge, experiment and focus on have transformed a professional relationship in a “friendship” which overtakes and completes the relashionship among two people that appreciate and know each other in the deepest of themselves!

It couldn’t be different. Starting a business, applying a scientific accuracy, wishing a relaunch not of a vine, but of a land, transforming these ideas in a glass of wine, attempting to improve it knowing, as he says, that the perfection is not in the man, but it is in the nature, watching in the eyes and share all these emotions, means tying in a dream, in a such beautiful dream as it is beautiful the winemaking art!