Serra del Granato vineyard

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La biodinamica a Serra del GranatoSerra del Granato vineyard is located in Ripacandida’s municipality and is part of a wider plot in which there is the wine cellar of Cantine del Notaio’s company.

The vineyard, hence, occupies only a surface of 00.26.94 ha, on the whole 1.71.99 ha, destined to gardens, streets, parkings, caves and factory.

The vineyard, implanted in 2007, for a total of 1252 plants, is constituted by Aglianico del Vulture plants on 1103 P and 779 that represented clone selection object of a twenty-year studies.

The altitude is about 600 mamsl and the rows orientation is North-South.

There is also a small olive grove made up of over ten plants of three years of Ogliarola del Vulture variety, Pendolino and table olives.