Grottoes and Facìle area

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An important part of our project is also to exploit the cultural traditions of our terroir, and we have begun this by reviving our own ancient grottoes dating back to 1600 and used by Franciscan Monks. These natural caves are cut into the volcanic tufo rock and guarantee exceptional conditions for the ageing of wine. Our French oak barriques thus rest in a perfect natural balance of temperature, constant humidity and ventilation. These intertwined grottoes reach under the village itself, creating a highly suggestive underground maze. They radiate from a tiny charming square, called the Facìle, typical of local architecture. With a horseshoe shape caused by the subterranean excavation of the tufo grottoes, the square collects and channels rainwater. The term Facìle thus derives from the word bacìle, local dialect for basin.