Cugno di Atella vineyard

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Cugno di Atella vineyard is situated in Rionero in Vulture’s municipality, in the district of the same name, and it is made up of one plot of 2.67.00 ha on the whole.

The company, for the first access, is distant overall 1,1 km from Rionero in Vulture’s offices at 159 Via Roma street and 2,8 km from the administrative centre.

This is considered one of the most well known district in absolute, for the particular microclimate that affects it. Finding as a wedge between two clefts, it is crossed by flows of air that allow to have a great climate conditions (not so high temperature, fast drying of bunches, there aren’t significant frosts, there aren’t humidity stagnations). For the particular healthy climate conditions, in past, also people came to nurse the whooping cough.

The vineyard is located at a mean altitude of 520 mamsl, with a minimum altitude of 490 m and maximum of 550m, with a mean slope of 25%. In the highest part it has been realized two terracings to host some vine row. Rows are organized N-S.

The acreage has a substrate made up of volcanic tuff and compact pozzolan, but also of whites of limestone with the presence of clays, that in past have involved landslide events. In particular some years ago, after adverse weather events, it has recorded a landslide that has carried away a portion of land. So, after the landslide and net the area near the torrent that skirts the lower side, the part cultivated at vine, including headland access path, is about 2.10.00 ha.

The implant, realized in 2003, is for the 83% Aglianico del Vulture and for 4% Moscato Bianco di Basilicata. The remaining 13% has been implanted in 2007 with Aletaicoplants originated from grafts of plants cultivated in loco.

The spacing of the vines is 2,30 x 1,00 m.