La Grappa di “La Firma”

Aglianico del Vulture

The selection “ La Firma” is a Grappa thought to celebrate our flagship product, the one made the winery famous  in the world.
Marc’s origin: from Aglianico del Vulture grapes of the wine “ La Firma ”.
Marc’s conservation: the marc, separated from wine, is stored in small barrels and send to the distillery G.Bertagnolli, where it takes place immediately the distillation process.
Distill Machine: The distillation method used is the discontinuous type, with a steam- fed bain – marie. The plant is composed of six caldrons, each with a capacity of 10hl, connected with the distillation columns and cooling coil. The alcoholic vapour circuit is pure copper and the average length of each session is about 150 minutes. 
Aging: in small French barriques of the Limousine, Tronché and Allier types, each with a capacity of 2.20hl for an average period of 30months.
Organoleptic test:
Colour: Strong straw – yellow colour, with amber hues.
Nose: Fragrant, intense and persistent bouquet, characteristic of an oak aged product, with notes of vanilla.
Palate:Pleasant, genuine, soft and persistent, with hints of vanilla, notable finesse and complex overall essence.
Serving Temperature: 12-16°C. Cooler temperatures may be recommendable during summer.

70 cl

From aunt Anna, aunt Giulia, aunt Rosa and aunt Raffaella’s cookbook